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(512) 472-WILD is a good number to save in your phone.

Requiring their help once more, the idea for our upcoming event on Nov. 16th unfolded, solidifying Austin Wildlife Rescue as our Cause of the Month for November.

"You talkin' shit?"
It was an injured bird I found earlier this month on the sidewalk of Congress Ave. Using a shirt from my bag, I scooped Birdie up and called the Austin Wildlife Rescue Hotline.

Too many folks aren't aware of this magical refuge hidden at 5401 E. MLK Jr. Blvd. Turning down a long dirt driveway, you'll find tucked in the woods, a house-converted-hospital for critters that takes in over 500 animals each year. Birdie was immediately examined by a nice lady diagnosing a broken wing. The good news was that the break wasn't on a joint, meaning we could expect a full recovery with release back into the wild.

Austin Wildlife Rescue does not charge for their services, existing only by the generosity of public donations. I'm grateful to have this resource available and thankful for the opportunity to help support their efforts defined by a sweet mission statement:

Believing all life is precious, Wildlife Rescue rehabilitates and releases orphaned, sick, or injured wild animals and educates the public to coexist with wildlife.

All photos in this post are animals they've rescued. More can be viewed on their website: AustinWildlifeRescue.org, and even more on their Facebook page.

One of my favorite posts on their website is a message from Austin Wildlife Rescue President, Preston Doughty telling us why it's very important they know exactly where a rescued animal was found: "Many animals such as raptors mate for life...Returning a hawk to its mate after a rehabilitation experience is extremely rewarding." How precious is that?

And speaking of wild, Indie-folk duo Loves It  will be back for our upcoming event, being two years to the month since their last performance at Hargrave. Here is the video for a serendipitously titled track off their brand new record.

We luv them.

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